Luigi Caccia Dominioni Azucena Toro Lounge Chair, 1973


Luigi Caccia Dominioni Azucena Toro Lounge Chair, 1973. The Toro Chair by Azucena has been an iconic European design since the 1970s. The first Toro chairs were designed to be conversational seating for the drawing rooms of the famed Monticello golf club by Luigi Caccia Dominioni who was a founding member of Azucena created by a group of Milanese architects to manufacture unconventional, progressive designs like the Toro Chair. The Toro lounge chair profile is in metallic grey iron and knobs in chrome-plated brass, seat with wooden structure, upholstering in differentiated-density expanded polyurethane, covered in lush velvet. Toro (Bull) was born to be "grand". This comfortable armchair was designed for large spaces and the first pieces were in fact intended to form conversation islands in the drawing rooms of the Monticello golf club, for which Caccia Dominioni also did the plans. The circular seat is moulded around a framework in round-section metallic grey iron tubing that forms three well-defined components. The first is the high, ample, circular upholstered seat, with two feet and two hidden wheels making it easier to shift. The circular base is left visible to define the striking sweep of the floor line. The second is the integrated backrest/armrest formed by a padded roll that encases the iron tube, the end of which is visible on the front of the armrest, creating two "horns" to grab. The third component is formed by the headrest and rigid structure of the back with its fanlike ribbing running up from the base to the horizontal reinforcing rod, the ends of which are visible on the sides of the headrest.

Dimensions: 32.5" H x 47.25" W x 40" D

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