Cristina Silvestri takes on the world with physical force. She
explores her landscape by touching, moving, eating, as an
expansive way of indulging in the body alive. Her painting is an
extension of this material sensuality. Even from the moment she
begins tearing and nailing wood for stretcher bars, she is aware of
her physical connection to her paintings. After the canvas is
stretched, her aesthetic debate is not where to place the paint, but
how,because she is not interested in composing through formal
arrangement, but reacting to the surface with more physical
gestures such as pouring, tossing, thrashing, and beating. She is
not satisfied with paint in its traditional form. She combines this
medium with that array of material that she encounters in her daily
life such as dirt, or rust. By adding material, these paintings mimic
her physical encounters and take on a visceral presence through
their rich materiality.